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Please find below a subsection of our extensive product portfolio. Here, on the english Version of our website we focus premarily on services we offer in 3D Virtual Worlds and our after sales service solution "PlusParts", as this are the sections with most international customers. If you are interested in the rest of our product portfolio, please check out www.bokowsky.de. Of cause we're also offering these products and services worldwide.

PlusParts is the flexible online spare parts ordering application with added value, which adapts itself ideally to your individual requirements and the current market situation.

PlusParts lets you organise spare part sales more efficiently and helps you save time and money. With its flexible structure PlayParts can be used wherever spare parts information and exploded-view diagrams need to be retrieved online. Either in a password protected Extranet exklusively for service partners or as a easy to use B2C system for everyone.
The next big thing in Web 2.0. Communicate, Work, Learn, Collaborate in 3D.
Distribute your spareparts and all other after sales information with our webbased solution PlusParts.
Be part of the worlds biggest Virtual World. Is your brand ready for a Second Life?
3-D E-Learning
Expand traditional E-Learning into the 3rd Dimension.