Organise your spare parts
business via internet.


PlusParts is the flexible online spare parts ordering application with added value, which adapts itself ideally to your individual requirements and the current market situation.

PlusParts lets you organise spare part sales more efficiently and helps you save time and money. With its flexible structure PlayParts can be used wherever spare parts information and exploded-view diagrams need to be retrieved online. Either in a password protected Extranet exklusively for service partners or as a easy to use B2C system for everyone.

Easy identification of the required products and spare parts
PlusParts' easy-to-use search function allows you to quickly and comfortably select the right spare parts diagram. Depending on what information you already have about the product in question, there is either a category-oriented guided search or a free search which will identify the item you are looking for.

In PlusParts, the zoom ratio of spare parts diagrams is indefinitely scalable. This allows you to zoom in on a certain part of the diagram and see every detail of the product. Once you have located the required part in the illustration, simply click on the component to order. This makes it almost impossible to order the wrong part.

Always up-to-date
The extensive PlusParts back office makes it easy for you to keep your online spareparts system up-to-date. The back office is a 100% browser based. This means maintaining spare parts data is as easy as surfing on the internet. It means that you can update all data from anywhere in the world. Even foreign distributors are able to maintain certain data from abroad (e.g. customer data and addresses)..
Efficiant order management
After selecting the required spare parts, you will have at your disposal a highly efficient order management tool for subsequently processing items that are ready to be ordered. Before submitting orders, you can save, edit, update, extend or delete orders that are ready to be placed using the order management tool. Optional PlusParts extras allow you to create quotations and warranty applications on the basis of the order you have created.
Organise your parts business worldwide
The PlusParts application has been designed in such a way that its user interface can be presented in as many languages and for as many countries as you want. This enables you to maintain and organise your spare parts supply centrally.
Additional functions
In addition to the basic PlusParts functions, we can provide the following optional extras: Online Warrenty Application, Quotation Generator, Handbook Module, Service News Board, and many more.
Easy and efficiant usability
The object of a digital spare parts system is to take the workload from your customers and save time and money. In designing PlusParts we had one major aim: to make selecting and ordering spare parts as easy and efficient for your customers as possible.

Further information on PlusParts are available at:

The right software solution for after sales service and parts sales.

Zoom in on spare parts diagrams.

PlusParts – Backoffice:
Easy updating via Webbrowser.

PlusParts – Quotation Generator:
Service agents can use PlusParts to very easily generate a complete cost estimate which can then be emailed on to customers or printed out.

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