Virtual Architect for Virtual Worlds
Freelancer for 3D-modelling and LSL coding in Second Life
  Fulltime Software Developer
Web-Applications J2EE
  Fulltime Software Developer
Web-Applications PHP
  Freelancer Web-Development
Sophisticated PHP-projects
  Part-Time Webdesigner
about 8h/week in our Webdevelopment team
  Trainee Web-Development
J2EE and PHP based projects are on the way
Bokowsky + Laymann develop and realise upmarket concepts for the use of online media as strategic marketing-communication tools. Our clients range from small and medium-sized to large-scale enterprises, which expect their Internet commitment to go beyond the mere continuance of conventional communications by means of the new media.

Currently we have a couple of jobs to offer, but you need to come to Munich and you should have some basic German language skills. If you are interested please check out our current job offerings on the right.