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Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH
Herzogstraße 63
D-80803 München
Phone +49/89/33 00 869-0
Fax +49/89/33 00 869-9

Second Life: Bokowsky Island
Bokowsky + Laymann, marketing in computer mediated environments, conceptualizes and realizes sophisticated Internet presences and e-business applications for organizations and companies since 1996. In addition Bokowsky + Laymann has been busy creating virtual environments for companies and organisations since the beginning of 2006. Besides marketing, the areas of higher and further education have become increasingly important. Linking classic web-based tools and collaboration in the internal communication of multinational companies promises interesting future prospects. We are looking back on a successful 10-years history in the Internet industry.

Our owners and CEOs Markus Laymann (left) and Markus Bokowsky (right).