Education in virtual worlds


The use of electronic information and communications technologies is changing the system of education. Multimedia learning is currently creating new forms of higher education and vocational training. And virtual worlds such as Second Life are becoming new educational vehicles and setting trends in education.

The advantages of using virtual worlds are evident. They are accessible anywhere in the world at very little cost and their existing infrastructure can be used to convey many different types of information. The educational advantages are even more significant. It is a known fact that total immersion in a three-dimensional learning environment and a playful and creative approach to conveying course content makes it easier to effectively take in information.

Classic e-Learning is limited with respect to its possibilities, and that's where the advantages of virtual worlds begin to become apparent. Besides classic teaching methods like lectures and seminars in 3-D worlds, the current tendency is towards innovative applications such as role play, simulation and the creation of complex 3-D models to illustrate the syllabus.

The following tools can be used e.g. in the virtual world of Second Life to transfer knowledge:

  • Chat (1:1 and group chats)
  • Audio (voice chat and audio stream)
  • Video
  • Presentation boards for transparencies, etc.
  • Whiteboards
  • Issuing text documents in PDF format
  • Scenarios: encounters between avatars in a variety of settings (for role play)

Second Life even has a complete ingame payment system with its own currency that lends itself ideally to business simulation.

In order to create the ideal learning environment for small and mediumsized classes, Second Life offers the following possibilities:
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Interactive conference rooms (for group work)
  • Multimedia auditoriums (lecture theatres)
  • Backdrops/settings for role play
  • Learning paths
  • Simu

What's more, if the overall concept is good, the learning process is even better if you incorporate some of the existing content from the virtual world.

Virtual worlds already contain successful applications for the following:
  • Team workshops
  • Language instruction
  • Intercultural training
  • Communication and behavioural training
  • Project management
  • Process training
  • Vocational training
  • Assessment centre

Everything is covered from process role play for prospective lawyers, medical courses and even service workshops for the catering industry.

As one of the leading virtual world agencies specialising in e-learning, we can create complete e-learning concepts in virtual worlds. We cover all areas from concept building to design and the programming entire learning worlds. We make a point of transferring as much knowledge as possible to our clients from beginning to end. However, we are also happy to accompany your learning processes over a longer period of time.

Come and talk to us. There's a lot more to discover.

Education: The Bavarian State Library in Second Life.

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Immersion: Lectures and seminars on virtual conferences.

Team workshops: Interactive conference room for group work.

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