Welbild in Second Life


We were responsible for creating a concept and designing the Second life internet presence for our client, the Weltbild Publishing Group. The largest media retailer in the German-speaking world boasts its own island in Second Life and presents a multitude of entertainment offers in a architecturally-sophisticated environment.

In September 2007, Weltbild was the first German media retailer to take up residence in Second Life with an own island. Its objective was purely experimental. Our role in Weltbild's SL project began with strategic advice and continued with island concept building activities and realisation all the way through to the carrying out and promotion of events on the island. With this project, we established ourselves as a qualified virtual worlds full-service provider for Weltbild.

The theme of the Weltbild presence in Second Life is books, films and music. Visitors can directly access the entertainment on offer on the island via a vast Weltbild piazza. Film fans among avatars can view trailers of current bestselling Weltbild DVDs in the Weltbild cinema. Visitors to the library can browse through samples of current bestsellers or relax with music samples in the cosy Weltbild Music Lounge. Of course, each product provides a direct link to the online shop where you can immediately purchase it.

However, the commercial aspect of the Weltbild Island is not the company's primary objective here. Last, but not least, there are also leisure and relaxation activities on offer such as yoga, windsurfing, etc. The island's biggest eye-catcher is the huge Weltbild Forum, which can be used for diverse live events such as lectures, music and theatre performances or poetry events.
Weltbild sees its involvement in virtual worlds primarily as an experimental forum for new creative media ideas and innovative marketing campaigns. The purpose of the Weltbild island is to provide a platform that will generate many different events and activities to enrich the world of Second Life. This is why the first event held was a large film contest entitled, "Weltbild sucht den Avastar!". This consisted of a screenplay competition for Second Life short films and was followed by a casting show for avatars. The idea was to make a machinima using the winning screenplay and the participation of the Second Life community.
The design of the buildings found on the Weltbild island is based on current trends in modern architecture. The themed pavilions situated around the piazza not only provide a visionary atmosphere for media presentations but also honour the usability requirements of virtual worlds. They therefore set themselves apart from the current purely-functional architecture still often to be found in virtual worlds.
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„Our objective was to try out new creative media ideas and innovative marketing campaigns in virtual worlds. In this sense, Second Life currently offers the greatest amount of creative freedom in a working virtual economy. In Bokowsky + Laymann, we have found one of the leading German-speaking Second Life service providers, whose performance and creativity in this project has been second to none.“

Stefan Mues, Managing Director New Media, Weltbild Publishing Group

Weltbild island: The Second Life SIM of Weltbild Publishing Group.

Customer service: The friendly Weltbild staff.

Sophisticated Architecture: The themed pavilions honour the usability requirements of virtual worlds.

Weltbild Music Lounge: Audio samples with direct link to the online shop.

The Weltbild library: Visitors can browse through samples of current bestsellers.

Forum for events and activities: First event held was a screenplay competition for Second Life short films.

Weltbild Publishing Group
The Augsburg-based Weltbild Publishing Group is an internationally operating media and mail-order corporation. Weltbild distributes media and media-based products and publishes books and magazines. Their 20 million customers above all value the company brand, multichannel sales concept, carefully selected products and attractive offers.
Concept and realisation of a Second Life presence.
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