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For the internationally active cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany we have opened a branch office in the virtual world of Second Life. The Goethe-Institut island presents a rich and varied programme of events and information for everyone with an interest in Germany and the German language.

We learn languages best by speaking them. On the Goethe SIM, communication among visitors is promoted in the spirit of this principle. For instance, the Café Goethe offers space and opportunity for communication with other avatars. Here, you can not only meet friends in a relaxed atmosphere, you also have the option of taking part in a daily, 1-hour voice-chat rendezvous for learning German, moderated by experienced tutors. In addition, a free, 1-hour course in German is offered on a weekly basis in a virtual classroom.
A prominent media artist is given the opportunity to initiate his or her own projects in a studio in Second Life for a six month period. First to do so are the Italian artist couple Eva and Franco Mattes, with their virtual tribute to Joseph Beuys.
Two exhibition surfaces in which current exhibitions present cultural and societal themes take up the lion's share of space in the Goethe-Institute's Second Life programme. Starting things off are the exhibitions "Tropics" and "Young German Fashion Photographers".
On the Goethe Island, visitors are offered a survey of the Goethe-Institute's comprehensive program. The Goethe-Institute's world-wide network of institutes is visualised in an innovative, 3-dimenisional format: for example, all of the Goethe-Institute's current events are shown on a walkon map of the world. And high points of the Goethe-Institute's work in recent years are presented in films on large-format video screens.
Our virtual Goethe-Institute will also serve as a platform for live performances and cultural events on a regular basis; a concert by the popular singer and entertainer Bernd Begemann was on our programm right at the beginning. We created an avatar for the artist to implement his performance: Begemann played live during the event in the (real) rooms of the Goethe-Institute's Munich headquarters, and was incarnated by his avatar inworld.

Die Präsenz des Goethe-Instituts in Second Life wurde am 28.Juli 2008 mit einem Live-Konzert des RL Musikers Bernd Begemann eröffnet. Einen Mitschnitt seines Hits "Ich Habe Nichts Erreicht Außer Dir" gibt es jetzt auch als Musikvideo. Viel Vergnügen.

Der Second Life Auftritt von Bernd Begemann zum Einbau auf Ihrer Webseite:

Now in HD: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejSFU_6SCjc&fmt=22

The Goethe Island's architecture is modern, spacious and inviting, intentionally free of any reference to typically "German" clichés. The SIM's construction plays with the specific design possibilities of virtual worlds in an abundance of different ways. The visual implementation of the Goethe-Institute's Second Life presence will thus communicate the information it offers in a contemporary fashion and fulfill our goal of presenting Germany as a modern, cosmopolitan country.

Wer einen Blick auf die inWorld Präsenz des Goethe-Instituts werfen möchte, ohne sich bei Second Life einzuloggen, dem empfehlen wir den neuen Promotion Trailer. Er zeigt komprimiert auf 2:42 Minuten die vielfältigen Angebote auf der Insel des Goethe-Instituts in Second Life.

Der Promotion-Trailer des Goethe-Instituts zum Einbau auf Ihrer Webseite:

Jetzt auch in HD: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkYtjFEFVOo&fmt=22

"We wish to expand our comprehensive online programme with our Second Life project, and collect new experiences in terms of event formats and instruction methods in 3-D environments. By developing innovative concepts for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, we are meeting the cultural policy challenges of globalisation. The Goethe-Institute's presence in Second Life will become a meeting place for all with an interest in German culture."

Klaus Brehm, Director of the Internet Department of the Goethe-Institute.

Goethe-Institut in Second Life: Modern, spacious and inviting architecture.

Café Goethe: Daily moderated 1-hour voice-chat.

Current exhibition: Young German Fashion Photographers.

Current exhibition: Young German Fashion Photographers.

Current exhibition: The tropics.

Virtual classroom: Free 1-hour German courses.

Streaming media: View clips of events at Goethe-Instituts around the globe.

Concerts on Goethe-Institut: Bernd Begemann Live.

Walk the world: Newsfeeds from Goethe-Instituts all over the world.

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute representing the Federal Republic of Germany internationally. Its functions include promoting German language competence abroad and developing and cultivating international cultural cooperation.
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